Released 2005

Generations is Journey's twelth studio album and the 2nd and final album to feature singer Steve Augeri. This was also the first Journey album where all of the band members share the lead vocalist duties. Jonathan Cain sings lead on "Every Generation", the first time since "All That Really Matters" (a song originally left off Frontiers) from the Time 3 box set. Deen Castronovo sings lead on "A Better Life" and "Never Too Late". Neal Schon provides lead vocals for "In Self Defense" and Ross Valory lends his vocals to "Gone Crazy". It was preceded by Arrival and followed by Revelation.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Faith in the Heartland"
  2. "The Place in Your Heart"
  3. "A Better Life"
  4. "Every Generation"
  5. "Butterfly (She Flies Alone)"
  6. "Believe"
  7. "Knowing That You Love Me"
  8. "Out of Harms Way"
  9. "In Self-Defense"
  10. "Better Together"
  11. "Gone Crazy"
  12. "Beyond the Clouds"
  13. "Never Too Late" (Bonus track)


  • Steve Augeri - Lead vocals (except as noted), additional guitar on "Butterfly (She Flies Alone)" and "Believe"
  • Neal Schon - Guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on "In Self-Defense"
  • Ross Valory - Bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Gone Crazy"
  • Jonathan Cain - Keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Every Generation", additional rhythm guitar on "Never Too Late"
  • Deen Castronovo - Drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals on "A Better Life" and "Never Too Late"