Trial By Fire is Journey's tenth studio album and is the final album to include singer Steve Perry. It was released after a ten year break and is currently the longest time the band has gone between albums. It was preceded by Raised On Radio and followed by Arrival.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Message of Love"
  2. "One More"
  3. "When You Love a Woman"
  4. "If He Should Break Your Heart"
  5. "Forever in Blue"
  6. "Castles Burning"
  7. "Don't Be Down on Me Baby"
  8. "Still She Cries"
  9. "Colors of the Spirit"
  10. "When I Think of You"
  11. "Easy to Fall"
  12. "Can't Tame the Lion"
  13. "It's Just the Rain"
  14. "Trial By Fire"
  15. "Baby I'm Leaving You"
  16. "I Can See It in Your Eyes" (Japanese-only bonus track on the original CD release, later added to the 2006 CD reissue)


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